Auto Detect for Video Creatives


The auto-detect feature can automatically set the properties for the following creative types:

  • VAST, Wrapper
  • VAST Wrapper with MOAT Viewability
  • Native Video App Install (VAST/VPAID Wrapper)
  • Native Video Content (VAST/VPAID Wrapper)

The following Creative Attributes settings can be auto detected:

  • Video MIME Types
  • Video API
  • Video Bit Rate
  • Video Ad Duration

The auto-detect feature ensures selecting the right creative requirements that increases the chances of winning an auction. 
The auto-detection also supports Creative Bulk Upload for videos. It can automatically detect properties on each VAST tag and apply them to each creative that is part of the bulk upload.

Apply Auto Detect to Video Creatives

Single Creative

  1. Create a New Creative.
  2.  Select any of the following options from How would you like to set up your Creative? dropdown:
    • VAST, Wrapper 
    • VAST Wrapper with MOAT Viewability 
    • Native Video App Install (VAST/VPAID Wrapper) 
    • Native Video Content (VAST/VPAID Wrapper)
  3. You can see the Ad Content section showing the VAST Tag field. Fill in the field with your VAST tag.
  4. Select Detect Attributes. You can see the detected attributes in a status bar at the bottom of the page.
  5. The detected attributes get auto-populated in their respective fields. 
  6. Click Save to continue.

Notes: The detected attributes interact with any existing field values in the following way:

  • Detected Duration and Video API will replace any existing values.
  • Detected MIME Types and Bitrates get added to any existing values. 

For example, if you have set the Video Ad Duration field to 15 seconds, but the detected Duration shows 30 seconds, then clicking the Detect Attributes button sets the Video Ad Duration field to 30 seconds. You must click Save to save the detected attributes.

Creative Bulk Upload

The auto-detect feature in Creative Bulk Upload detects creative attributes and saves the field values during the creation of the creatives. 

Once you complete bulk uploading, you can see the status message indicating Success or Failure of each tag.

Each creative saves the detected attributes field values.


Q: Can a user manually override the auto-detect creative attributes values?
A:Yes, you can change the auto-detect attribute values prior to saving. 

Q: Does the Creative Bulk Upload always trigger auto-detection and saving of detected values?
A: Yes, auto-detection of attributes happens for each creative bulk upload and cannot be disabled.

Q: What happens if auto-detection fails?
A: For Creative Bulk Upload, any invalid VAST tag does not get processed and an error message displays for that VAST tag. However, the overall bulk upload continues to upload successfully. 
For individual creatives, you will see an error message and attribute values will not get populated.

Q: What happens if the content of a VAST tag changes after its first detection?
A: The values remain unchanged, same as when first detected and saved. 

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