Release Notes: October 2021

This month we’re adding several major features to the platform. Later today, expect the release of reach and frequency metrics within Report Builder, a new pacing report, streamlined Account and User configuration workflows, and first-party Customer ID support in Real-Time User Filtering.

A copy of these release notes can be found on our Knowledge Base. For a deeper dive on these releases, please review the linked documentation.

Highlighted Release

Reach and Frequency in Report Builder 

Reach and frequency metrics are being added to Report Builder to provide deeper insight into campaign delivery and crucial data for fine tuning optimization to minimize ad fatigue and maximize performance. 

Users will be able to understand the number of user IDs (i.e. Beeswax cookies and MAIDs) or IP addresses reached by a given set of dimensions (e.g., Campaign Name, Device Type, etc.) as well as the average number of impressions shown to those user IDs or IP addresses.

These metrics are available for all standard reports within Report Builder with the exceptions of the Segment, Conversion, Vendor, and Bid Performance reports.

Reporting & Measurement

Pacing Report

A new Pacing report is launching to make it easy to understand how a given Campaign, Line Item, or Line Item Flight is pacing against its budget. This report displays the current state of pacing based on the following new metrics:

  • On-Schedule Indicator (Today/Yesterday)—provides insight into whether a line is over, on, or behind pace
  • If a Line Item is using Lifetime Pacing, this metric will also be displayed in the Quickstats UI on the Line Item level
  • Budget Delivered (Today/Yesterday)—the budget delivered as of today/yesterday

This report is accessible in Report Builder via the UI or API.

Campaign Management

Enhanced Admin Workflows 

Upgrades to the Account Configuration, User Creation, and Masquerading workflows have been completed, these include:

  • Account Configuration:
    • Updated UI and API
    • Accounts may now be added to Account Groups via the Overview tab
    • A Settings tab was added to the Account Configuration workflow
      • This tab replicates the Settings page accessible via the Admin menu
      • Support for Continent configuration has also been added to Settings
    • The Exchanges tab now supports search functionality and displays inventory types offered by each exchange
  • User Creation:
    • Updated UI
    • A new Access Level, “Current Account and Selected Account Groups,” has been added to associate Users with multiple Account Groups at time of User creation
  • Masquerading:
    • One click Masquerading is now possible. Adopters of Accounts v2 with multi-account access may now click the Account name in the top-right of the UI to open a new dropdown and easily switch between accessible accounts.

Real-Time User Filtering on First-Party Customer IDs

BaaS™ customers leveraging Real-Time User Filtering will be able to filter based on first-party Customer IDs and only receive traffic forusers associated with their first-party customer segments. Please note, at this time, Segment Filtering on Customer IDs is not supported.

Please be in touch with any feedback you may have.

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