Release Notes: December 2021

This month we’re adding several quality of life improvements to the platform. These include Targeting Presets, Segment Filtering and Favorites, and Parquet support for Win and Attributed Conversion log files.

Highlighted Release

We are adding a new feature that will allow adopters of Targeting v2 to create Presets that apply templates of targeting parameters to a given Line Item or Campaign. Presets may be created from scratch via the Admin drop-down or based on existing targeting criteria from a Line Item or Campaign.

Once created, Presets may be applied at Campaign or Advertiser levels to be the default targeting template of new Line Items, or attached to individual Line Items as needed. When a Preset is attached to a Line Item with existing targeting parameters, the Preset may be merged with or replace those parameters. Any conflicts will be highlighted when merging a Preset with existing parameters, and users will have the opportunity to resolve them.

Campaign Management

For adopters of Targeting v2, we have improved our Segment targeting workflow with the additions of Segment Filtering and Favoriting. Both of these features are fully compatible with Segment Search and Targeting Preset functionality.
Segment Filtering helps users identify the optimal segments for their needs according to several criteria such as:
  • User Count NAM
  • User Count EMEA
  • User Count APAC
  • Data Provider
  • CPM
This makes it significantly easier to find scalable or cost effective segments, e.g., “has more than 1M users in EMEA,” or “CPM is less than $1.50.”

Segment Favorites make it easy to save and find a user’s most used first- or third-party segments and operate similar to Targeting Favorites. Users will be able to “star” individual segments for ease of access as desired. 

Reporting & Measurement

Parquet Support  for Win and Attributed Conversion Logs
We have added support for Parquet, a column-oriented file format used frequently in Hadoop, to Win and Attributed Conversion logs for customers who receive batch files via S3. If you leverage these log files and wish to receive files in Parquet, please reach out to your account team.
Please be in touch with any feedback you may have.
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