Segment Filtering and Favorites

Segment Filters and Favorites streamline your targeting workflow by making it quick and easy to apply segments. Filters will help the user find and target segments fitting a desired set of criteria, while favorites will keep important segments bookmarked and ready for use.

Note: Segments can be grouped together for reuse in Line Item targeting using the Targeting Presets feature.

How it Works

Segment Filters and Favorites can be used wherever segments are selected:

  • Line Item Targeting
  • Bid Modifiers
  • Bulk Editing
  • Targeting Presets

Segment Filters

Since there are many segments available in the User targeting module, Beeswax provides Segment Filters to help narrow down the choices. As a form of advanced search, the user can filter segments by the following dimensions:

Data Provider
User Count NAM
User Count EMEA
User Count APAC

Each Segment Filter has two parts, a dimension and a value that you set. When a Segment Filter is configured, the segments viewable in the Segment section update immediately in accordance with the filtering conditions. Any segments that do not match the filter are not visible.

Segment Filters are combined [with the “AND” Boolean operator] so that the list of visible segments becomes smaller the more filters you add. It is not possible to filter by any "OR" conditions. 

For Example: The following image shows two filters in action. One filter uses the Data Provider dimension with the value of Bluekai selected, and the other uses the User Count NAM dimension requiring segments to have at least 100,000,000 users. Any Segments with NAM populations smaller than 100,000,000 are not displayed in the UI, nor are segments from data providers that are not BlueKai.

Circular markers will appear next to dimensions where filter values have been applied.

Segment Favorites

To mark segments as favorites, click the star icon next to the Segment’s name. 

When the “Show ★ only” toggle in the Segment widget is enabled, only favorited Segments are visible. 

Segment Favorites work in conjunction with Segment Filters and the Search functionality. So enabling the Show Favorites toggle, along with filters or a search, will further limit the segments displayed.

The new "Select All Segments" check box makes it easy to select a group of segments all at once.

Note that you can mark a segment as a favorite anywhere segments are selected with the exception of the Segment List View (Trafficking > Segments).

The following image shows Segment Filters, Segment Favorites, and Search functionality being used together:


Q: Do Segment Filters persist from one page to another?
A: No, Segment Filters are cleared whenever a page is loaded. If you need to access the same segments repeatedly, Segment Favorites or Targeting Presets are good options.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of favorited Segments?
A: Yes, you can have up to 1,000 favorited Segments (across all accounts).

Q: Can Segment Favorites be set by API?
A: No, Segment Favorites are a UI-only feature.

Q: Can these features be used in Buzz 1.0?
A: No, Segment Filters and Favorites are only supported in Buzz 2.0.

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