Using Tapad and LiveRamp

As a BaaS or DSP customer, you have multiple options to address your cross-device needs for targeting and frequency capping.

You can choose:

  • To use Tapad and/or LiveRamp 
  • To extend at the individual or household level
  • To extend 1st Party, 3rd Party, or all segments

As Beeswax strengthens its focus on video, we see the increased importance of diversifying IDs so they are better understood in the fragmented Connected TV space. For this reason, we have deepened our integrations with TapAd and LiveRamp and can now match IPs received by Beeswax on bid requests to the TapAd and LiveRamp graphs. 

Use Cases

Targeting Frequency Capping
You can:
  • Expand your campaign targeting across channels
  • Target CTV inventory (via IPv4) using a cookie or MAID-based audiences
  • Re-target users on CTV across channels

Note: This unlocks all segments for targeting on CTV inventory.

You can frequency cap:
  • Your cross-channel campaigns
  • Your campaigns on the IP addresses that are known to belong to individuals and households

How it works

Here is the workflow for the enhanced Tapad and LiveRamp graphs: 

  1. Beeswax receives an auction.
  2. Beeswax evaluates identity signals (cookies, MAIDs, CTV IFAs, and now IPv4 Addresses) against the cross-device graphs to include all IDs connected to the incoming identity signal.
  3. Beeswax sends auctions to qualifying bidders.
  4. Qualifying bidders evaluate line items based on the cross-device configuration per line-item.



If you already have Tapad enabled, you do not need to make any changes. You will automatically benefit from the Tapad expansion.  You can continue to use the same UI controls for Segment Extension and Frequency Cap:

For Segment Extension:

  • Select "Extend with TapAd" or "Maximize Reach (All Vendors)" for Extension Vendor in the Line Item Overview
  • Select “Household” Extension

For Frequency Cap:

  • Select "Tapad" under Person/Household Vendor

If you have LiveRamp enabled, you do not need to make any changes.  You will get automatically enrolled in the LiveRamp expansion.  You can continue to use the same UI controls for cross-device functionality for Segment Extension and Frequency Cap.

For Segment Extension:

  • Select "Extend with LiveRamp" or "Maximize Reach (All Vendors)" for Extension Vendor in the Line Item Overview
  • Select “Household” Extension

For Frequency Cap:

  • Select "LiveRamp" under Person/Household Vendor
Note: If you do not see these options in your UI and are interested in leveraging the features, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.


Q: What type of IP addresses are included?
A: IPv4 addresses only.

Q: Are Beeswax and LiveRamp collaborating and using these IP addresses to build out their respective graphs?
A: No, Beeswax is simply matching IPs from bid requests to IPs already present in the LiveRamp graph.

Q: In which regions is this feature available?

A: US only.

Q: Are all inventory types evaluated for cross-device via the IP address?
A: No, only CTV inventory is applicable.

Q: How do I enable this feature?
A: This is activated by default for all customers with TapAd enabled and/or LiveRamp enabled.

Q: Can I use cross device extension to extend the reach of IP segments?
A: No; you cannot use cross device extension from IP address segments to cookies/device IDs. Our integration only allows you to take segments of cookies/device IDs and extend them to IPs, not vice versa.

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