Release Notes: April 2022

This month we launched several releases such as Attribution on IP Address, new supply integrations with Amazon and Yahoo, DoubleVerify’s new Fully On-Screen segments, and an enhancement for Delivery Modifiers.

Highlighted Release

Beeswax reporting now supports IP attribution. This reinforces key measurement use cases across CTV, household, and cross-device attribution. As part of this release, new columns have been added to reporting which include:
  • IP Conversions
  • IP Conversion Value
  • IP Conversion Orders 
IP attribution works in parallel with legacy attribution methods, as such, if a given event is eligible for both IP and legacy attribution, it can be tracked against both. New attributed conversion logs using the IP attribution methodology are also now available as well. Please reach out to your account team with any questions.

Campaign Management

New Supply Integrations
  • Amazon: Display and video inventory on desktop and mobile devices in the U.S., EU, and APAC
  • Yahoo: Display inventory in NAM and APAC
To learn more about and enable this inventory, please reach out to your account team as additional paperwork is required for these supply sources.
DoubleVerify Fully On-Screen (FOS) Segments which launched earlier this year may now be enabled through Beeswax. These pre-bid segments address CTV viewability challenges by targeting a list of FOS Certified CTV apps that are confirmed to not run ads even after a CTV has been turned off. Two segments will be made available through this integration at $0.20 CPMs: one for CTV-only targeting and another segment that may be used for blended mobile and CTV app targeting.
These segments will be automatically enabled for all customers leveraging DoubleVerify today. If you would like to enable these segments, but do not currently use DoubleVerify segments, please reach out to your account team.


Delivery Modifiers have been enhanced to improve pacing behavior against delivery modifier terms and mitigate under-delivery. There is no action required to enable this release and it will be turned on by default by EOD.

Please be in touch with any questions or feedback you may have.

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