List View v2

Improved List View Functionalities

Quick Filter Panel

You can use Quick Filters on some views and the option may appear differently depending upon the page view. The quick filters correspond to the frequently performed filtering actions by users. 

Manage Columns

The Manage Columns functionality allows users to add, remove, and reorder columns. You can access the Manage Column button from the top right of each List view page.

When you click on Manage Columns, a modal appears. 

  • From the Select Columns list, you can add columns by checking the desired fields. 
    • Fields are collapsed by default and are grouped by metrics. 
    • You can uncheck a field to remove the column.
  • In the Reorder Columns list, you can drag up and down to reorder column names. 
    • You can use ‘x’ to remove a column name.

OSI (On Schedule Indicator) 

OSI shows line-item pacing as per its budget goal for the current time. For example: If a line item is 6 days into its 10-day flight but it has only spent $300 of its $1000 budget, then its OSI will be 50%. Pacing at 50% means it has spent $300 of $1000 but it should have been at $600 of $1000 by day 6 of 10. See more on Pacing Report

When you hover over the line-item's OSI, you can see two bars:

  • The top gray bar indicates the elapsed time.
  • The bottom bar indicates the budget delivered. The bottom bar color (green, yellow, or red) indicates the health of the delivered budget.

Note: The OSI field gets populated if the line item is using Lifetime or Flight pacing.

Save as Favorite 

You can click on the star to save any object in your favorite list. You can also use the toggle to see the objects in your favorite list only. 

Breadcrumb Trail Filter

You can filter views using the breadcrumb trail. Click on the arrow to apply object filters.

For example: In the image below, the user is viewing all line items under a campaign from a particular advertiser.

Share or Save Filters

The URL reflects the filters that are applied on the page. This allows you to bookmark or share your filtered page.