Release Notes: June 2022

This month we’re launching a number of releases, including open betas for new List View navigation pages and Curated FreeWheel Deals. Other new features include support for User Time of the Week in Delivery Modifiers, LiveRamp and Tapad IDs in Reach and Frequency Reporting, and video content fields in logs. 

User Experience Improvements 

Open Beta – List View v2

List Views, the navigation pages for objects like Advertisers and Campaigns, are getting a total redesign. This major rehaul of the UI comes with many enhancements to empower our users and improve the day to day experience. 

Some improved features include: 

  • View objects belonging to multiple parents. One use case for this is "I want to see all line items under all campaigns belonging to one advertiser." 
  • Favorite objects. Users can now select objects as favorited, and use a toggle to view only favorited objects. 

List View v2 is being released to Open Beta, and includes updated views for Advertisers, Campaigns, Line Items, and Creatives. After incorporating feedback and completing development for updated views for other objects, we will release all views as part of our General Availability launch. Please reach out to your CSM if you are interested in participating in this Open Beta. 

Open Beta – Curated FreeWheel Deals

Beeswax customers can now use Curated Deals to buy FreeWheel deals directly in the UI. These always-on deals represent packages of premium video inventory sourced from FreeWheel’s publishers. Deals from additional exchanges will be offered directly through Beeswax later this year. 

To date FreeWheel’s premium deals have communicated to buyers via a newsletter, but now these deals will appear in the Deal List View and in Line Item Targeting. 

We are offering Curated FreeWheel Deals directly in the UI as an Open Beta. Please reach out to your CSM if you are interested in participating in this Open Beta and see the documentation here


User Time of Week in Delivery Modifiers

The “User Time of Week” targeting key can now be used to allocate spend with Delivery Modifiers. This lets users express delivery conditions down to hour level granularity. For example, you can say things like “Spend 40% of my budget on Apple devices in New York between the hours of 6 and 9 pm, Monday through Thursday.” See the Delivery Modifier Help Docs for more details and best practices.

This feature will be made available to all Delivery Modifier v2 users by default. 

Reporting and Logs 

Reach and Frequency Reporting with LiveRamp and Tapad IDs

In this release new Reach and Frequency Metrics will be added into Report Builder, including the following ID types: 

LiveRamp RampIDs (Person and Household) 

Tapad IDs (Person and Household) 

Custom IDs 

We are also releasing new metrics that take into account user ID fallback options. These metrics align with the frequency cap options that customers can select on the Line Item targeting. A few examples include: 

  • Custom ID with Fallback 
  • Liveramp Person ID with Fallback 
  • Tapad Household ID with Fallback 

These new metrics will be available to any customers using Liveramp, Tapad, or Custom Ids.  

Video Content Fields in Logs

We want to provide more insight to our customers buying video inventory on the actual video content that the impression will appear on. This is especially important in CTV/OTT environments where customers need more granular visibility into where ads are being placed. 

Please reach out to your CSMs or refer to the updated log schemas here to see what we are logging in the content object. 

These new fields for the content object will be available in auction, bid, and win logs. 

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