Release Notes: July 2022

This month we have a few new updates, including a supply integration with Tubi, support for minimum bids in Bid Modifiers, and direct data onboarding from Alliant. 

Tubi Supply Integration 

Customers can now access Tubi inventory through Beeswax. Tubi inventory will only be available in the US. All Tubi traffic currently runs through deals so please reach out to your CSM for more information. 

Minimum Bids with Bid Modifiers 

Users can now specify minimum bids when using Bid Modifiers. The minimum bid acts like a floor price for that modifier so that bids won’t be reduced below a certain threshold. This feature is available to all Bid Modifier users by default. 

Direct Data Onboarding from Alliant 

Users can now access Alliant segments directly in Beeswax instead of navigating through marketplaces like Liveramp, Bluekai or Truoptik. Segments that are part of active campaigns will be automatically moved to appear under the new data provider - Alliant.

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