Events Report


The Events Report allows users to quickly monitor Event tags that are placed to track conversions. It supports several use cases such as:

  • Quickly verify that an Event tag is properly implemented on a customer's page and is correctly calling Beeswax.
  • Monitor the last time an Event tag fired to check the tag is still active on a customer’s site.
  • Calculate an achievable KPI using organic conversions as a benchmark.

Included Metrics:

  • Event Tag Fire Count
  • Event Order
  • Event Value

Please note that these metrics show the total number of times the Event tag was called. To see only attributed conversions, please use the ‘Conversions’ measure in alternative Report Builder reports.


Month Name
Broadcast Month Broadcast months start on a Monday and end on the last Sunday of the calendar month. The next broadcast month starts at midnight on the Monday that follows.

Advertiser ID
Beeswax Advertiser ID
Advertiser Name
Beeswax Advertiser Name
Advertiser Alternative ID
Customer Advertiser ID
Account ID
Account ID of Buzz key
Account Name
Beeswax Account Name
Event ID
Beeswax Event ID
Event Name
Beeswax Event Name
Event Type
Postback or Non-postback


Event Tag Fire Count
Total count of events tag fired
Event Order
Order number or identifier for that purchase or event
Event Value
In USD $0.00
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