Release Notes: August 2022

This month we’re releasing a few new updates, including Bid Decision Flow 2.0, Events reporting for Conversion Tags, and improvements to the Vendor, Creative Add-On, and Segment Upload UI forms. 

Bid Decision Flow 2.0 

This month we will be launching “sub-reasons” within the Bid Decision Flow tool, to enable customers to easily identify the root cause of drops in bidding. This new visualization will break out the bids dropped at selected stages by sub-reason, in both a donut chart and a percentage breakdown. 

The new sub-reasons will be available for the broader drop stages, which are Targeting Match and Post-Processing. See here for more details. 

Event Tag Reporting 

A new Events Report is launching which will help customers quickly monitor Event tags that have been placed to track conversions. This report displays the count of Event tag fires, based on the following new dimensions & metrics: 

  • Event ID (dimension) 
  • Event Name (dimension) 
  • Event Type (dimension) 
  • Event Pixel Fire Count (metric) 
  • Event Order (metric) 
  • Event Value (metric) 

This report is accessible in Report Builder via the UI or API. 

New Look for Vendor, Creative Add-ons, and Segment Upload 

We have updated the Vendor, Creative Add-on, and Segment Upload forms with new looks to improve usability. These updates contain more intuitive components and communicate clearly the available actions.

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