CTV Contextual Targeting


Contextual targeting is the process of matching ads to placements in the relevant content. This approach helps advertisers reach more of their target customers and make their ad buys more efficient. 

CTV contextual allows users to:

  • Buy targeted video content without a Deal ID.
  • Expand targeting on open marketplace content.
  • Potential lower CPM.


Currently, CTV inventory is transacted through Deal IDs and has limited content information on bid requests. Comscore is one of the few contextual vendors supporting CTV contextual pre-bid segments that can classify the content type to be shown on a CTV device. 

Importance of Comscore contextual pre-bid segments for CTV:

  • Allows advertisers to target CTV content without transacting through Deal IDs.
  • Expand advertisers’ reach to previously unclassified CTV inventory.
  • Potentially at a lower CPM as deals are often more expensive than the open marketplace price.
  • Segment pricing is in-line with other providers with no premium cost for being CTV compatible.

Comscore Categories

Brand Protection
Brand safety, brand suitability and content rating filters to achieve optimal campaign protection across display, video, mobile, and CTV.
Contextual segments to help brands target relevant content, including supporting the IAB2.0 taxonomy, IAB3.0 genres, proprietary seasonal segments and proprietary featured topic segments.
Cookie Free Demographics
Content with a high likelihood of attracting a specific demographic audience. Powered by Comscore’s trusted cross-platform data scale, opt-in cross media consumption panels and massive AI contextual engine.These segments provide a cost-efficient way to reach key global demographics for stronger marketing performance.
Fact Check (Powered by NewsGuard)
This partnership uses NewsGuard misinformation categorization that has been reviewed by trained journalists and experienced editors based on nine journalistic criteria to ensure brands can avoid running advertising alongside misinformed content.
Over 40 languages to provide brands with global coverage.  
Media Bias Ratings (Powered by Ad Fontes Media)
This partnership makes Ad Fontes media bias data available for programmatic targeting. The Media Bias Chart, Ad Fontes uses a rigorous, reproducible methodology, and a politically balanced team of analysts to rate content, both for bias and reliability. The new segments help advertisers target highly reliable/neutral news sources or exclude unreliable/extremely biased information sources.
Predictive Audience
Comscore Predictive Audience is the industry’s first cookie-free targeting capability that enables advertisers to reach valuable audience based on deterministic audience data and privacy-forward contextual signals. Powered by Comscore’s massive cross-platform data scale, opt-in cross media consumption panels and best-in-class AI contextual engine, the programmatic solution delivers high-performing targeting across data sets such as TV viewership, gaming, seasonal shopper behaviors, retail purchases, financial data, B2B, political views, CPG purchase behaviors, health conditions and more.  

$0.65 for Symphony Health


Q: Is Comscore Contextual pre-bid available globally?

Q: Does Comscore Contextual pre-bid work on other inventory outside of CTV video?
Yes, technically it works on all inventory types and devices. CTV is being highlighted as it’s the first pre-bid contextual partner that Beeswax supports.

Q: Is Comscore pre-bid segments privacy safe?
Yes. The only information we send to Comscore are URL, App Bundle, and the Video Content ID for pre-bid classification. All of these fields are privacy safe and has no user identification except for the content the user is viewing.

Q: Does Comscore provide custom contextual segments like Grapeshot?
We plan to support it in the future.

Q: What about Comscore measurement?
No plans yet for integration.

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