Release Notes: September 2022

This month we’re releasing new updates such as:

  • ComScore Pre-bid for CTV Contextual Targeting 
  • Antenna Support for DSP
  • New List View and breadcrumbs for the four core trafficking objects (Advertiser, Campaign, Line Item, and Creative).

For a deeper dive on these releases, please review the linked documentation.

Comscore Pre-bid for CTV Contextual Targeting

Beeswax has integrated with Comscore for their pre-bid contextual targeting solution. Comscore is the first pre-bid contextual vendor that provides contextual segments for CTV inventory. This allows our customers the opportunity to buy CTV inventory using contextual signals. Comscore pre-bid is available globally and is a privacy friendly way of targeting CTV.

Comscore pre-bid contextual targeting will be available for use on display, video, and native inventory on the web or in-app environments. For more details on the wide range of contextual categories and pricing, please visit our documentation here.

Please reach out to your Account representative if you're interested in utilizing Comscore pre-bid segments.

Antenna Support for DSP

Beeswax is extending support for Antenna to DSP customers. Antenna gives customers access to a private data warehouse to query and utilize raw log data without requiring complex and costly ETL processes. Antenna SQL access can be hosted by Beeswax or integrated into your own Snowflake account. Further details can be found in our documentation here

The following log types will be supported for DSP customers:  

  • Win
  • Bid 
  • Conversion 
  • Attributed Conversion 
  • IP Attributed Conversions 

Please reach out to your Account representative if you're interested in getting access. 

List View V2 (Open Beta)

After incorporating your first round of feedback, we have further improved List Views navigation experience on the Advertisers, Campaigns, Line Items, and Creatives pages. Some improved features from the last release include: 

  • More condensed layout allows you to view more datapoints within a page.
  • Advanced breadcrumb trail with each node leading to a unique destination allowing for more navigation options.
  • Using pills for drilling into the next level allows for more streamlined functionality across the UI.
  • Two types ofCreate buttons allow you to accomplish what you need within the shortest amount of time and actions. 

List View v2 is being released to Open Beta, and includes updated views for Advertisers, Campaigns, Line Items, and Creatives. Please reach out to your Account representative if you're interested in trying out this new feature.

Please be in touch with any questions or feedback you may have.

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