Curated FreeWheel Deals

Customers can target curated deals (also known as FreeWheel’s Always-On Deals) directly from the Beeswax platform. You no longer need to manually input Deal IDs from the Always-On Deals newsletter into the Beeswax platform.

Note: If you like to use this feature, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.  

How to Access Curated Deals?

Curated Deals appear in List View and Targeting. 

List View

Curated Deals appear in List View (v2 only). 

  1. Click on a curated deal. 
  2. The Edit Curated Deal page shows the following editable fields:
    • Archived
    • CPM Override
    • Alternative ID  
    • Add Notes

  3. Click Save to continue.


You can access curated deals from Line Items’ Targeting page. Curated deals can be distinguished by the FreeWheel logo. 

Filter Deal by Curated Deals to see a list of all curated deals.

Curated deals can be targeted like any other deal type. They can also be archived to be hidden from the Targeting page. You can archive curated deals from the List View page or from the Edit Curated Deal page. 

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