Release Notes: October 2022

This month we are releasing new features and enhancements such as: 

  • New additions to the List View v2 (Open Beta)
  • Event Quick Stats
  • Deal Quick Stats

You can view this and earlier Release Notes in our Knowledge Base. For a deeper dive on the features, please review the linked documentation.

Additions to List View v2

In addition to the four core List View features that were released last month, you can now utilize the new List View features that are recently added in the UI (User Interface). 

Core tabs (✅ Part I)
Trafficking tab (Part II)
Admin tab(Part II)
Creative Add-Ons 
Account Groups 
Line Items
Native Offers 
Segment Uploads 

Please reach out to your Account Representative if you are interested in upgrading to the new List View version.

Event Quick Stats

Following the Events Report feature released this August, you can now view key Event metrics on the Events page in the UI. This allows you to see the data quickly without generating a report to view key datapoints on your custom Events.

Each Event ID will have the following data available directly on the Event page:        

  • Last Fired Timestamp (30-day lookback) 
  • Events Fired Today 
  • Events Fired Yesterday 
  • Events Fired Last 7 days average

Deal Quick Stats

Following the Deal Report feature released earlier this year; you can now view key Deal metrics on the Deals page in the UI without generating a report.

Each Deal ID will have the following data available:    

  • Auctions 
  • Bid 
  • Bid Rate 
  • Impressions 
  • Win Rate 
  • Spend 
  • Spend USD

All these metrics are available for the following time ranges: Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, and Lifetime.

Feel free to reach out to your Account Representative for any feedback or questions.

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