Line Item v2


A Line Item is the workhorse of the Buzz system. It corresponds to a given buying activity, usually defined by a set of targeting criteria

Create Line Item

To create a new line item:

  1. Click New Line Item on the Line Items page or go to the universal Create button and select Line Item from the drop down. You will see a modal asking for required fields information:
  2. Enter the required fields (marked with red asterisk) information:
    • Advertiser and Campaign associated with your line item.
    • Line Item Name and Type; Banner, Video, or Native. Note: This cannot be changed once chosen. 
  3. Once you have entered all the required fields information, you can select Create & Continue if you would like to complete the set up for that specific line item. However, if you wish to complete the line item later, you can Create & Close to finish later. Additionally, if you select Create & Start Another, you can save the initial line item and begin creating a new one.

Line Item: General Tab

After finishing the requirements in the Create Line Item modal, you will see the Line Item > General tab page. This will show as Inactive.

  • The name of the line item shows in the header along with its ID number. Additionally, you can see the line item type and its status.
  • To edit the name of the line item, click on the name. Select the check once you are ready to save it. 
  • To favorite the line item, click the star next to the line item name.

Essential Settings

Start with filling out all the required fields in the Essential Settings section:  

  • Fill in the intended line item Start Date and End Date
  • Select the Budget Type by choosing either Spend, Impression or Spend with Vendor Fees.  
  • Enter the budget for the Line Item. Note: The budget of an individual Line Item cannot exceed the Campaign budget. 
  • Select Bidding Strategy from the dropdown.You have the option of out-of-the box bidding strategies or custom bidding strategy. For more information on bidding, refer here.
  • Once you complete the above, click Create & Continue to proceed to the Flights section.


Line-item flights allow for granular control over the timing of line-item delivery. Flights can strictly control delivery time frames, and each can have their own budget. Read more about how to set up line item flights here.

Frequency Caps

When trafficking a Campaign and/or Line Item, you have the option of setting a Frequency Cap to restrict the number of times a particular ad will be shown to a particular user. Frequency is typically determined by the ID found in the bid request which corresponds to the Beeswax cookie ID on web traffic, and the Device ID on mobile in-app traffic. We also have additional ID types you can frequency cap on. Read more on how to set up frequency caps here.

Vendor Fees

Vendor Fees in the Beeswax platform are a way to optionally include serving costs associated with third-party vendors into Beeswax media spend and reporting. You can also create custom Vendor Fees to withhold your own fee (read here). Vendor Fees can be applied at the campaign or line item level and allow clients to set a budget at the respective level that includes both media spend and vendor fees. Read more on how to set up vendor fees here.