Release Notes: February 2023

We're excited to announce some exciting new features that will be available on Beeswax this month. 

Access Premium Audiences on CTV with FreeWheel/Comcast+ Audience Segments

Beginning this month, Beeswax customers can access FreeWheel/Comcast+ segments*,  based on aggregated Comcast viewership data which covers nearly 1 in 4 households. Target across a variety of viewership segment categories based on previous ad exposure, network preference, program consumption, and more. The key benefits of this new expanded segment feature includes:

  • Deterministic: Comcast's deterministic linear viewership serves as the foundation without relying on ACR 
  • Nationally Scaled: Modeling with additional datasets extends reach to all US markets and increases accuracy 
  • Comprehensive: Segment library is comprehensive and data-driven 
  • Exclusive: These segments are only available on the Beeswax DSP

Please reach out to your Beeswax or FreeWheel contact to enable these segments in your account.

Note: Customers across a select number of industries are restricted from using FreeWheel/Comcast+ segments due to the nature of their business, only includes US-based segment data.

Target Data Axle Segments

Data Axle segments are now integrated into Beeswax at the data provider level within line-item targeting. These segments that were previously available under different marketplaces such as LiveRamp, BlueKai, or TruOptik are now consolidated and available under one folder, and can be accessed in both the NAM and EMEA regions.  

See an Improved User Experience with the New List View V2 Feature

We've now released the newest version of the List View feature within the Beeswax user interface, complete with expanded campaign and line item views, along with a streamlined functionality. 

View our recent webinar where Beeswax Product Director, Sukai Qin walks you through the new features.

IAS Context Control Targeting and Avoidance Segments

Beeswax customers can now get enhanced contextual targeting with IAS's patented cognitive semantic technology. This capability uses natural language processing (NLP) to dynamically interpret the nuances of context using sentiment & emotion analysis across 45 languages. IAS gives you precise page-level content classification at scale. Both positive contextual targeting segments and negative/avoidance segments are available.

Note: CC Avoidance and CC Targeting are each $0.20 and are additive.

LiveRamp Data Store in LATAM and UK Now Available 

Beeswax customers can now leverage 3P segments from LiveRamp in supported countries across LATAM and the UK. This expands Beeswax’s international footprint with a wide variety of 3P data providers and segments across industry verticals. 
To enable the LiveRamp segments, please reach out to your Beeswax or FreeWheel contact.

For any help, feel free to contact your Customer Success Manager or email

The Beeswax Team 

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