Peacock Buyer's Guide

To target Peacock’s inventory, buyers should be aware of their creative requirements before setting up the campaigns. 

Please note that Peacock's inventory is currently available in US only. 

Creative Requirements

Buyers must be registered with Ad-ID and assign a valid Ad-ID code to each creative prior to submission of advertising creatives. 

Ad-ID is a vendor that registers creatives and applies a naming convention for easier creative management on the publisher side. The Ad-ID field in VAST InLine templates lets users input an ID that represents the creative asset. The Ad-ID is then passed in the VAST tag and is used by publishers to identify the creative asset.

  • For information on Ad-ID, please visit:
  • You can contact Ad-ID customer service at or 704.501.4410 for assistance.
  • Learn about AD_ID under Creative Fields here and Universal Ad-ID here.

Buyers targeting Peacock PAX inventory can utilize either the VAST Inline or VAST Tag, Wrapper creative templates. For Live Event inventory, buyers must utilize an ad server which has been certified by NBC for Live Events.

Buyers must meet Peacock’s creative quality requirements eligible to serve on their inventory.

  • For VAST Inline creative template, refer to the HD Video help article here.

For Private Marketplace (PMP) and Programmatic Guaranteed (PG) deals across Peacock Premier and Peacock AX:

Creative Format 
Must be in VAST Mezzanine. 
  • Mezzanine max file size: 10 GB
  • A minimum of 15 Mbps is required for Mezzanine Video Bit Rate, but 15-30 Mbps is recommended.

VPAID (Video Player Ad Interface Definition) is not accepted and VAST response containing VPAID gets flagged and fails quality check.

Ad Unit
Pre-roll and mid-roll
6s, :15s, :30s, :45s, :60s, and :90s

Video duration must be same as the audio track length.

Aspect Ratio
Frame Rate
Peacock recommends delivering content in native frame rate and scan mode. Peacock does not accept any pre-processing of creatives such as applying telecine, inverse telecine, or scan mode conversion.
MP4/MOV: 1920×1080 HD
Audio Bit Rate
A minimum of 192 Kbps. Sampling frequency should be 48000 Hz


  • For TV shows and movies, DDT (day, date and time) is not allowed.
  • Stitched creatives are not permitted. Two ads stitched together to create one larger duration is also not accepted (For example; two separate :15 sec ads stitched together to create a :30 sec ad).
  • Advertisers are required to refresh creative quarterly to avoid ad fatigue.
  • The Ad Countdown Clock safe area should be a 320 × 80 box for the countdown and copy. The box is positioned with the top left corner at X:128, Y:943 (i.e., 128 pixels from the left and 943 pixels from the top). Subtitles are permitted with careful positioning of the countdown clock. Left-aligned gets blocked by the countdown clock.
  • Flighting, capping, and targeting (such as time targeting, frequency caps, demo targeting, geo targeting, and so on) are applied by Peacock/NBCU to ensure contractual obligations and correct delivery.

You can also see NBCU Creative Guidelines here.

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