Banner MRAID Tag

Banner MRAID Tag

Use this creative type when you have an MRAID tag.

The following fields are available: 

Creative Fields Description
Advertiser Advertiser under which you are creating this creative. Creatives can be assigned to any line item beneath this advertiser only.
Creative Name Name of the creative
Width & Height The width and height of the creative
Expandable Type Select if your tag expands automatically, on user click, on user rollover, or does not expand. 
Expandable Direction The direction in which an expandable will expand, if applicable.
Responsive Size Toggle “Yes” if the creative adjusts size; select “No” if it is a fixed size.
Tag Copy and paste your JavaScript ad tag into this field in its entirety. It’s required that you include the {{CLICK_URL}} macro in your tag so that Beeswax can track clicks. All other    macros are optional.
Ad Server Macros If your ad tag is from one of the Ad Servers listed you can select the ad server and Beeswax will attempt to detect and replace the appropriate macros.
Thumbnail Required if you are running your tag on MoPub or Millennial Media. The thumbnail should be an image file. Best practice is to always include a thumbnail image.
Technical Vendor On Google’s AdX, any technical vendor including a 3rd party ad server or measurement vendor need to be declared. Failure to declare technical vendors may result in your creatives being rejected by AdX.
Advertiser Domain The domain of the advertiser. For example if the advertiser is Ford Motor Company, the advertiser domain would be
Advertiser Category The category of the advertiser. For example if the advertiser is Ford Motor Company, the advertiser category would be “Automotive”.   
If you leave this field blank it will inherit the advertiser category you set when you created the Advertiser object.   
NOTE: Advertiser category is a required field for certain exchanges like MoPub. Lack of an advertiser category will result in you not bidding on MoPub.
Landing Page URL This is the full URL that the user will land on after clicking on your creative. For example,  
Failure to include the full URL may result in your creatives being rejected by Google’s AdX.
Creative Add-Ons If you previously have defined pixels or scripts via the creative add-ons module, they will be listed here.
Additional Pixels Additional tracking pixels that will be fired at the same time as the impression. This field should contain a URL, for example[additional_parameters].
Additional Scripts Additional JS tags to be called at the same time as the impression. This field should contain a URL, for example:[additional_pareters]
In Banner Video Select whether it is click-to-play or autoplay.  If there is novideo, select no-video.
MIME Type MIME of the media asset loading by your ad tag. This field is used for creative matching.
MRAID Playable Whether the creative is a playable game in MRAID. This is required to be set when running on MoPub. 
Alternative ID Alternative ID for the creative. Use this field to map an creative ID in Beeswax to a creative ID in your system.
Secure Whether the creative is secure or not. For a creative to be secure, all URL calls from the creative need to be over HTTPS
Start Date Optional start date for the creative
End Date Optional end date for the creative
Active Whether the creative is active or inactive. Active Line Items must have at least one active creative associated to them.
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