Query Tool Overview

Query Tool is Beeswax's first-generation custom reporting tool to which only customers prior to July 2020 have access. All UI reporting should now utilize Report Builder instead.

Query tool offers 10 different report types which have different dimensions and metrics.

To access Query Tool, click the "Reporting" tab in the top navigation bar in your account, and click "Query Tool" in the dropdown menu.

Beeswax reporting is updated every ~2 hours. To see how up to date the reporting numbers are, run a "Performance Report" and select "Hour" as one of the fields. Reporting data is displayed in Eastern Standard Time (EST) by default. If you would like to change the timezone in which you pull reports, reach out to your Beeswax Account Manager who can enable this via the Timezone Support feature.

Running a Report

Saved Reports

To run a report, you can either run a saved report in the "Saved Reports" dropdown (see the "Saving a Report" section below for more information) or you can create a new report to run or save and schedule for later.

To run a saved report, select the saved report from the "Saved Reports" dropdown. 

To run a new report, leave this field blank.

Report Type

Different kinds of reports can be generated, with different fields and metrics per report type. Report types are:

See below for the fields and metrics per report type:


Select the date range you'd like to run your report for. You can select one of the pre-selected ranges, or create a Custom range.
If this field is left blank, data will be pulled from the entire lifespan of your account.


The fields available are different based on the report type selected. If no fields are selected, all fields for the selected report type will appear in your report.


The metrics available are different based on the report type selected. If no metrics are selected, all metrics for the selected report type will appear in your report.

Filter By

You can filter your report by the fields available for your selected report type to only get information for a specific parameter. You can filter your report by one or more field items, unless otherwise specified below:

  • Account ID (one or more) - If nothing is selected, you will only pull data from the account you are signed into or have access to.
  • Domain (Domain report) - you can only filter by one domain.

If a format is selected, a report will be generated in the selected format (JSON, CSV, XLS, XLSX) for download. If “None” is selected, a report will be displayed directly in the user interface, unless the reported requested exceeds the results display limit.

Report Name

This will be the name that a saved report is saved under and what a downloaded report will be called. You must name your report to save it.

Saving a Report

You can save reports that you run frequently. To save a report, generate the report of your choosing. Once a report is generated, a Report Settings dialog box will appear with fields for Report Name, Report Format, Frequency, Email To, and Email CC. You must be a user of the account you are logged into to generate a saved report, but you can send the report to any email addresses. Weekly reports are emailed each Monday, and monthly reports are emailed on the 1st of each month.

Also, you can read more about how Timezone affects reporting here.

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