Conversion Report


The Conversion Report shows granular conversion details for a campaign or line items such as conversion type, attribution method, and so on.
Please note that this report is time-stamped as per the conversion time versus other reports that show conversion time-stamped by impression. 


Day YYYY-MM-DD - Based on time of conversion.
Month Month name
Advertiser ID Beeswax Advertiser ID
Advertiser Name Beeswax Advertiser Name
Event ID Beeswax Event ID
Event Name Beeswax Event Name
Account ID  Beeswax Account ID
City Code
City Code
City City Name
Country Code Country Code
Country Country Name
Metro/DMA Code Metro/Demographic Market Area Code
Metro/Demographic Market Area Name
Region/State Code
Region/State Code
Region/State Name
 Zip  Zip Code


Count Number of conversions that have been attributed to a Beeswax line item.  Note that the date for the count is based on time of conversion and not the time of impression (like in the Performance Report).
Order The number of items purchased as part of the conversion
Value This is the default value (in U.S. dollars) that a conversion event is worth to you. The value will only be used if a value is not present in the event tag.

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