Segment Uploads

To add users to a segment, upload a new segment file in the UI: 
1. Create a new segment by going to New > Segment
2. Upload a file of User ID to segment mappings by going to New > Segment Upload.

The file must meet all of the following requirements:

.txt file (not csv file) 
utf-8 (without BOM - byte-order marks) or ASCII encoded 
One user ID or IP Address per row
Pipe delimited with the segment IDs in the format `<buzz key>-XX` where XX is the segment ID generated from step #1. 
One ID type per file--Beeswax Cookie ID (BEESWAX), IDFA, Android Advertising ID, or IP Address

You may add as many segment IDs the user ID qualifies for, so long as each is pipe delimited after the user ID.

Examples of upload file for Mobile Device IDs:

Example of upload file using Beeswax cookie ID (if you have cookie sync set up with Beeswax):

3. Declare on the Segment Upload screen whether the User ID Type is Beeswax Cookie ID ("BEESWAX"), one of the IDFA/Android options, Customer Cookie ID or IP Address.

4. Declare the Segment Key Type -- Choose "DEFAULT" if you are using the Beeswax segment ID type unless you are utilizing our Alternative ID functionality.  You may find more info about the Alternative ID process here.

If your upload file is larger than 10 MB, you will either need to chunk out the file to be multiple files smaller than 10 MB or you will need to use our Large Segment File Upload Method--information on that can be found here. You will need to provide your account manager your AWS ARN so that Beeswax can configure S3 permissions to allow you drop the large files on our cloud.

For more details on how to create user segments you can read through the process  here.

TIP: To remove users from your segment, you can overwrite user IDs via the API. Details can be found here.

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